Getting to know VespaCatch, the trap for Asian hornets better

What is the difference between VespaCatch Original traps (available on the market since 2010) and VespaCatch Select traps (available from 2024)?

VespaCatch Original is very effective and affordable but less selective. It is made up of 4 pieces:

  • Yellow cup
  • Black lid with two entry holes
  • Suspension tunnel
  • Suspension hook


On the other hand, VespaCatch Select is effective, selective, still affordable (more expensive than VespaCatch Original but cheaper than other selective traps currently on the market), and most importantly, adaptive: you can adjust the size of the entry holes to target a particular hornet/wasp species.

VespaCatch Select is made up of 8 pieces:

  • Yellow cup with exit holes
  • Filtering cone
  • Black container to hold the attractant
  • Drowning prevention grid
  • Black lid with two 11 mm (0.43 in.) entry holes
  • An adjustable dial with holes ranging from 7 to 10 mm (0.27 to 0.39 in.)
  • Suspension tunnel
  • Improved suspension hook

Does the VespaCatch Select trap replace the VespaCatch Original trap?

No, as we believe that both traps have their place in helping beekeepers combat the Asian hornet. The VespaCatch Original trap has proven its effectiveness for 10 years, providing efficient trapping at a low cost. Beekeepers experiencing heavy predation on their apiaries will appreciate being able to continue using it.

Therefore, both traps will coexist to meet all beekeepers' needs.

What attractant can I use with this trap?

You can certainly use VespaCatch attractant (available in 1L bottles or 10 ml single-dose sticks) specifically designed for the Asian hornet, which has been proven effective in numerous tests.

Since VespaCatch Select is a non-drowning trap, you can also use a protein-based attractant (such as shrimp or fish pieces) in summer when Vespa velutina workers are more attracted to proteins and less to sweet attractants.

How do I empty the trap once the hornets have been captured?

The hornets you've captured with VespaCatch Select will probably still be alive when you come to renew the attractant. So be careful not to get stung!

Our tip: Immerse the entire trap in a bucket of water to drown the hornets. You can then safely change the attractant and remove the captured hornets.

Why was this trap designed with hole sizes ranging from 7 to 11 mm (0.27 to 0.43 in.)? I only need to trap Asian hornets.

The modularity of inlet sizes enables more selective trapping. For example, the 9 mm (0.35 in.) diameter allows you to trap both Asian hornet foundresses and workers, for spring trapping.

On the other hand, for summer/autumn trapping, if you want to be even more selective, you can reduce the diameter to 8 mm (0.31 in.) (or even 7 mm (0.27 in.) - test and increase to 8mm (0.31 in.) if you don't see any catches) to target Asian hornet workers and avoid catching European hornets.

Don't forget that hornets are invasive species: Vespa orientalis (the Oriental Hornet) was spotted in 2021 in Marseille and could spread to other départements in the years to come. With the VespaCatch Select trap, you can capture it by setting the diameter to 10 mm (0.39 in.).

Similarly, Vespa mandarinia (the giant hornet) has already been spotted in the USA and Canada. We hope never to welcome it to France, but believe that everyone should have a trapping system ready, for the day when these new species arrive in your apiaries or gardens. For this one, the diameter of the lid alone (11 mm) (0.43 in.) should enable it to be caught.

With just one trap, you can catch all the flying pests that threaten your hives and green spaces.

Can I trap wasps with VespaCatch?

The common wasp is similar in diameter to the honey bee, and will therefore be able to escape from the trap via the exit holes in the yellow container.

Where can I get VespaCatch Select?

VespaCatch Select is available from distributors of beekeeping equipment. We also hope to see its availability extended to selected garden centers, for the protection of public and private green spaces.

To consult the list of the VespaCatch range retailers, click here.

I am a beekeeping equipment distributor or a garden center. How can I become a VespaCatch range distributor?

It's simple! Send us an email at explaining your request. Our sales team will guide you through the steps to become a VespaCatch range reseller.

I am an individual, can I order directly from Véto-pharma?

Unfortunately, we are unable to sell directly to individuals. However, our network of distributors can meet your needs, either online or in-store.

To consult the list of the VespaCatch range retailers, click here.

I am an association/municipality, can I order directly from Véto-pharma?

Send us an email at indicating your desired quantities, and we will inform you if we can process your order directly. Otherwise, we will put you in touch with the nearest distributor.