VespaCatch: your ally against Vespa velutina

The VespaCatch trap and attractant has been used for almost 10 years by French beekeepers.

Specially designed for Asian hornets, this natural solution is a formidable ally in the fight against this invader.

VespaCatch: natural trapping solution for asian hornet
trap for asian hornet

Highly effective trap!1

Specially developed to trap Asian hornets:

  • The trap lid provides two entrances, both covered with a tunnel that focuses and directs odours, shields ambient light, and prevents hornets from escaping.
  • The shape of the trap concentrates the odour of the attractant and allows a better diffusion and efficacy
  • The yellow bowl colour is known to attract Asian hornets.

Did you know?

During a trial conducted in Portugal during 15 days2, the Véto-pharma trap caught 2,3 times more Asian hornets than Tap-trap® product and 5,7 times more Asian hornets than “artisanal trap” (Bottle trap).

natural attractant for asian hornet

Maximise attraction by Asian hornets

  • Natural trapping solution based on plant extracts
  • No pesticide
  • Formulated to not attract bees.

The hornet attractant is available in 2 dimensions: 1 litre bottle (doses for 100 traps) or single-dose sticks.

Instructions for use:

Mix in the trap bowl: 10 ml of VespaCatch attractant, 200 ml of water and 50 gr of sugar. Renew the solution at saturation of hornets in the trap or 3 weeks after placement.

VespaCatch: Tips for use our natural trapping solution for asian hornet

  • It takes a few hours for the traps to catch hornets.
  • If the traps do not catch any hornet, it may be useful to reposition them.
  • It is recommended to trap when the maximum daily temperatures exceed 15°C.
  • It is recommended to trap in areas of passage of the Asian hornet.
  • For better efficiency, do not clean the trap during the renewal of the solution.
  • When renewing the solution, we recommend leaving a dead hornet in the trap.
VespaCatch: Tips for use

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Mini-brochure presenting the essentials of the VespaCatch trap and attractant for capturing the Asian Hornet.

Asian-hornet-PPT (1)

Presentation summarizing the key points to understand biology and cycle of the Asian hornet and how to trap it.

1- Comparative evaluation of the trapping methods to protect the apiary – French Technical Institute for bees and pollination (ITSAP) – June 2015.
2- Comparison trial of three different traps at Torre, Portugal – V.N. Cerveira, 25th october 2013