Time for nucs? Time for Oxybee!

Start the season with your hives free of varroa!

Management in two easy steps

Important: Manage and treat all your colonies in the apiary at the same time.

1) Day 0

  • Produce one or two swarms per hive. Move all the capped brood to the nucs, leaving the original hive with no capped brood and therefore all the phoretic varroa.
  • Leave the old queen in the original colony.
  • Treat the original hive by trickling Oxybee after removing the swarm (one application only).

2) Day 28

  • Treat the swarm with Oxybee (one application only) in brood-free conditions.

The use of OXYBEE in the production of nucs in spring supports varroa control by ROTATING the active ingredient.

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