8-pages brochure to better undertand the key advantages of Oxybeee and when/how to use it in your colonies to control varroa mites.

Oxybee is an innovative varroa mite treatment based on oxalic acid, sucrose, glycerol and essential oils (anise and eucalyptus), suitable for organic beekeeping. The combination of sucrose and glycerol in the oxalic acid solution is a key advantage of Oxybee.

The formulation of oxalic acid in combination with sucrose and glycerol increased the mortality of varroa mites in laboratory tests.
The formation of small droplets of solution that last longer in the colony (increased hygroscopy) is assumed to be the cause of this effect, enabling a better distribution of oxalic acid solution in the hive.

As a result, field data have shown a higher efficacy of Oxybee compared to a standard formulation of oxalic acid and sucrose.

References and legal notices available on the document to download.

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