This document is to help you become familiar with Varroa EasyCheck, and to answer the questions you may have regarding this monitoring tool. Not only will this document provide you with information on EasyCheck’s use, but also information on the importance of varroa monitoring.

1. What are the benefits of monitoring my hives?
2. Why can’t I just apply my treatment schedule as usual?
3. What is Varroa EasyCheck?
4. How is Varroa EasyCheck different from other monitoring tools?
5. When to use Varroa EasyCheck?
6. How many hives should I monitor?
7. How to calculate a varroa infestation %?
8. How do I interpret the results?
9. What are the differences between the 3 methods: alcohol wash, sugar roll and CO2 injection?
10. How to use Varroa EasyCheck with one of the three methods?
11. Where can I purchase the Varroa EasyCheck and the CO2 injector?
12. Testimonials from Varroa EasyCheck users
13. Véto-pharma’s Varroa Guide

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